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3 Instruments Used to Create a Dental Prosthetic

If you are a dentist, you may or may not be trained to create the prosthetic necessary to complete your patient’s dental work. Some dentists set up an area dedicated for dental prosthetic lab work in their practice. Others, send out orders to professionals who can complete the work for them within a reasonable time frame. No matter how you fit into the equation, there are a number of tools you can use to create the prosthetic including a Diamond Cutting Disc.

Here are three instruments used to create a dental prosthetic.

Carbide Burs

Within the carbide bur category are bone cutting, burs and endo access tools. There are also trimming and finishing tools. Carbide cutters, for example, help with precision. When it comes to building a patient a new tooth or set of teeth, precision is a must. The fact that they are taking the time and are willing to pay their bill means that they are serious about making the necessary repairs to their mouths. In return, they are expecting perfection. While perfection is difficult to achieve in a literal sense, your patients want the best replacement teeth possible.

Finishing Strips

Once the work on a patient’s teeth is complete, finishing strips help you clear off excess material from the final product. After you have attached inlays, onlays or laminate veneers to their teeth, finishing strips help you remove excess cement. After fillings, the strips also help you wipe away excess composite, acrylic and amalgam.


Polishers are a great finishing tool for natural and prosthetic teeth. When a dental check up is complete, polishing a patient’s teeth helps them walk out of your office with a clean and fresh feeling in their mouth.

A Diamond Cutting Disc is among the instruments used to create a dental prosthetic.

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