3 Indian Wedding Card Ideas That You May Not Have Considered Yet

by | Dec 23, 2011 | Lifestyle And Relationships

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Weddings are auspicious occasions that bring joy and warmth to a family. It’s not just the bride and groom, who have a role to play but each member as well. Indian weddings last for several days, and one of the things that really add a feeling of warmth to the ceremonies are Indian wedding cards that are sent to the guests beforehand. Sending invites to guests may seem to be a lot of hard work, but it is a task that has to be carried out, nonetheless. The guests need to be warmly welcomed, after all, and elegant invitations will do the job perfectly. Since sending invitations is a tedious task and time consuming as well, it is best to start thinking about various Indian wedding card ideas while there is still time.

A wedding card reflects the tradition, culture and taste of a family. So, customers tend to choose cards that are ethnic and meaningful, for the purpose. If your daughter/son is getting married soon, it is your responsibility to choose an invitation card that is wonderfully designed with bright colours. For this you need to approach a proper wedding card printer, who is recognised in the market for his creative printing. An expert who will be able to deliver exactly according to your preferences.

You should choose a invitation card that will match up to the wedding theme. Here are some top Indian wedding card ideas you can implement:

* One of the best ideas is to go for embroidered designs in cards. You can ask the printing service providers to add colourful beads and rhinestones to the card. This embroidered design will make the invitation appealing. Such a contemporary design always matches up to any wedding theme and  the bridal dress chosen.

* Using religious icons is a fantastic idea! In fact, many people prefer Lord Ganesha or Shiva painted on their wedding cards. Even Sikhs and Muslims prefer a deity’s image on the face of the cards. This is a great way for Indian families to ask for blessings.

* If the wedding is a regal one, or you want to make it look like one, then the idea of a scroll is not bad at all. The scroll can be made using expensive paper and metallic designs. It can be put inside a gold or silver- plated case to be sent for invites.

The above three are the most common and popular Indian wedding card ideas. Choose any one of them to add that extra glamour and dazzle to the ceremony.

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