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3 Important Reasons To Have A Heating Check Up Before Winter Arrives

Numerous homeowners never have their HVAC checked in spring or fall. They just switch from “cool” to “heat” and keep on going. Their HVAC systems are wearing out, not working efficiently, and contributing to bad indoor air quality. These homeowners are adding to their own discomfort and health problems by not getting a heating service checkup in Rockton. What are they?

1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Improper or inefficient venting causes carbon monoxide to back up into the house. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills almost 400 people each year. Symptoms of CO2 poisoning include headache, weakness, dizziness, stomach upsets, vomiting, and confusion. Many describe it as “flu” symptoms.

Professional HVAC technicians make sure your vents are working properly as well as check the whole system for leaks. Rockford Heating & Air Conditioning Inc will repair whatever is causing the problem for the safety of your family.

2. Maintenance Saves Your Unit

If a part is loose or doesn’t work right, the feature it’s part of fails. This could cause another feature of the HVAC system to fail. It’s a chain reaction, and it could leave you shivering under a dozen blankets some cold winter night. Depending the month, the weather, and the health problems involved, this could be a deadly proposition.

If homeowners had their units checked up earlier in the year, then (a) this wouldn’t have happened, and (b) they wouldn’t need a new unit now. Asking heating service Rockton professionals for a checkup saves money in the long run. You won’t need a dozen blankets, either.

3. Save Service Calls

Lots of homeowners wait until the last minute to call systems personnel for help with that system. These homeowners don’t recognize the sheer numbers of calls with which professionals deal. You might be in the middle of their list, which means cold days and nights until the professionals arrive. Homeowners getting an early checkup avoid this wait and stay warm.

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