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3 Great Reasons to Choose Terrazzo Flooring

There are many types of flooring out there for commercial buildings, and terrazzo is growing in popularity. It offers an excellent bang for your buck, but that’s not the only attractive thing about this flooring system. Here are three great reasons to choose this type of flooring from your terrazzo & marble supply store.

1. Terrazzo is eco-friendly.

Terrazzo is made up of cement and marble. The cement, to make terrazzo is made of recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Terrazzo flooring can be used in LEED-certified buildings because they are VOC-free. It means that anyone inside the building will also reap the benefits, as the environment will have fewer chemicals. Be sure to ask your terrazzo & marble supply store about the recycled material content of the terrazzo floor you choose.

2. Terrazzo requires very little maintenance.

Unlike hardwood or natural stone tiles, terrazzo is low maintenance flooring system. The repair costs are very minimal because terrazzo is extremely durable. Regular mopping with a pH-neutral cleaner and water is all you need for daily upkeep. Occasional re-application of the sealant will keep the floor free of stains and wear. You don’t have any grout to worry about cleaning out, because this is a seamless flooring system. There is no other commercial flooring system that requires less maintenance cost.

3. Terrazzo offers endless design possibilities.

Unless it is specially ordered, it’s pretty difficult to find two terrazzo floors that look the same. The way the floor is created, it always comes out unique and interesting. Flooring designers can create something very geometric and sleek, or you can go with something that is organic and natural in design. There is no end to the many ways this type of flooring can be created, and it will always be seamless. From a specifically designed hotel lobby floor to a playful entrance floor to a children’s theater, there are no boundaries.

Choose Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is durable, affordable, and beautiful – all things that you can see for yourself any time you step into a building with a floor made of this material. Its eco-friendly nature, low maintenance costs, and seamless design options just make it even betters for commercial buildings. Contact us at Trend Terrazzo Tile for all your terrazzo & marble supply needs.

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