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3 Frameless Shower Door Tips

When it comes to making your house your home, it is the details that matter. Your guests may not notice, but because you live there, you will know when something is loose or not centered. If your bathroom is a sanctuary for you, you may take the time to pick out the best the perfect bathtub, shower and shower doors. A Frameless Shower Door Philadelphia, for example, offers several aesthetically pleasing benefits.

Here are three frameless shower door tips to consider.

Precise Measurements

For frameless shower doors, you must measure the shower, itself, accurately. All the measurements will impact whether or not you align the various components that will support the door correctly. You must be mindful of the angles, the shower curb as well as any tiles that are present. If you will be adding a shower seat, it must be installed at an angle so water does not accumulate on it. The water should be able to flow down into the drain.


Since a frameless shower door does not include a frame for support, you have to be sure that the alternative support system will suffice. The glass for a frameless shower door must be at least 4 1/2 inches thick. The thickest glass is actually best but keep in mind that you are going to pay more. The door must be at least 22 inches wide, but because it is more fragile, cannot be more than 36 inches wide. You are trying to prevent the door from breaking.

Decorative Touches

If your shower already consists of decorative tiles, or you will be adding a few, ensure that they do not impede the movement of the door. Tiles and a Frameless Shower Door Philadelphia go hand in hand, but you must be mindful of their placement.

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