3 Food Packing Hacks For Your Camping Trip Anywhere in the U.S. Aug18


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3 Food Packing Hacks For Your Camping Trip Anywhere in the U.S.

Going camping with family and friends provides a great bonding experience, but it also requires advanced planning. You don’t want to be caught in the wilderness without enough water or food, so packing a hard-sided cooler becomes especially important. These tips will help you make better use of the available space to ensure you’ll have enough food to last throughout the trip.

Pack in Layers

One of the biggest issues campers face is in keeping the cooler cold throughout the camping trip. You can reduce the time spent with the cooler lid removed, helping ice to stay frozen for longer if you pack your cooler in layers. You should have one layer for each day to ensure the food you need is always on top.

Freeze Your Food

It can also help to freeze food ahead of time. While you won’t be able to freeze everything, foods that won’t be needed for several days into your camping trip should be frozen. This will keep them fresh for longer, and the frozen foods will add to the effect the ice has on the rest of your food.

Organize Snacks Ahead of Time

You can save on paper plates and other supplies by making snacks in advance and storing them in plastic containers or jars. Scoop a lay of peanut butter into a mason jar, add a few apple slices, and seal the jar. Make a fruit and yogurt parfait by scooping the ingredients into plastic containers and securing the lids. When these snacks are removed from your hard-sided cooler, they will be ready to eat.

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