3 Facts You Should Know About All on Four Dental Implants Dec21


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3 Facts You Should Know About All on Four Dental Implants

Did you know that there is more than one choice for dental implants? An increasing number of people are choosing a solution that’s known as All on Four dental implants in Chicago. Here are three things you should understand about this option and why it’s worth considering.

They’re Sometimes Called Teeth in a Day And For a Very Good Reason

You’ll hear All on Four dental implants in Chicago referred to as Teeth in a Day. There’s a good reason for that. Four implants are embedded in your upper gum, and a plate resembling a full set of upper teeth is attached. That plate is temporary until a customized one is prepared for you.

The same process can be done with the lower gum. Since the entire process only takes a few hours, you can walk into the dental office with no teeth and emerge later in the day with what appears to be a perfectly healthy set of teeth.

People Who Might Have Trouble With Individual Implants Do Well With This Solution

Not everyone can receive individual implants without some sort of advance work to the jaws. That’s especially true if the bone is no longer dense enough to support each implant. By contrast, people who might have difficulty with individual implants are typically prime candidates for All on Four dental implants in Chicago. Your dentist can tell you more after conducting a complete dental exam.

All on Four Implants Will Last Much Longer Than Dentures

You can rest assured that your All on Four implants will last much longer than dentures. Instead of having to replace them every seven years or so, you could get decades of use from that original set. That is not only more convenient; the implants end up saving a lot of money over time.

Would you like to know more about All on Four implants? Contact the team at Chicago Dental Arts today and arrange a consultation. You can also visit websit and schedule your appointment online. After a thorough examination, you will know what it will take to prepare for the implants and how you will take care of them in the years to come.

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