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3 Custom Shower Door Considerations

When you update your bathroom, you can add a new coat of paint as well as replace the existing shelves and cabinets. You can also opt for Custom Shower Doors around Chicago. For many, a simple shower curtain will do. For others, shower doors are preferred. A step up from both is a set of custom shower doors.

Here are three choices you will make when customizing your shower’s doors.

Shower Enclosures

As your custom shower doors are designed, you will be asked to pick the enclosures. Your enclosure options include frameless, semi-frameless and neo-angle. Sliding glass and splash panels are two more options at your disposal. Each type has its own set of features and benefits. The one you pick may simply be a matter of convenience within whatever space constraints are present for your shower and bathroom.

Glass Thickness

Once you have decided on the enclosures, you will be asked to pick the thickness of the glass. The minimum thickness is 1/4 inches. For structural and safety reasons, the glass cannot be slimmer. Although the assumption is that the shower door will experience minimal impact when it is opened and shut, in case it slips from your hands, the minimum thickness ensures it will not shatter.

The next glass thickness option is 3/8 inches. This option is more durable, and often, the most recommended. It works well with a minimalist design, too. If you opt for a frameless enclosure, 1/2 inch glass thickness will be recommended. It has the best structural integrity and premium thickness.

Hardware Finish

The hardware finish brings all the elements of your custom shower doors together. Polished chrome, satin nickel and polished brass are some of the options.

To get started on your Custom Shower Doors in Chicago, call Lakeview Glass Inc., today.

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