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3 Common Misconceptions About Natural Stone Countertops For MN Homes

Many people in MN what to have natural stone counters in their kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, these same people often listen to friends and family who have limited understanding or experience in working with natural stone counters, which leaves them with a lot of misperceptions and incorrect information.

The best way to learn about natural stone countertops is to speak to the experts. Go into a natural stone countertop showroom and see the demo kitchens and talk to the staff. This is the most effective way to find out accurate information about the use of natural stone in the kitchen and the bathroom.

False: Natural Stone is Hard to Maintain

New products that seal natural stone countertops make them very easy to maintain. The sealant will need to be applied every three or so years, but this is a simple process. With sealant, these counters are resistant to stains and etching and can be easily cleaned with a cloth and warm water.

False: Natural Stone is Limited in Color and Pattern

Each type of natural stone has different possible colors and patterns. Marble is often prized for its white and cream color with blue-gray to darker gray veining throughout the slab. Granite tends to include a wider range of earthy colors, but there is also granite stone with blue, orange, red, and even gold and silver colors in the patterns.

False: Natural Stone is Too Costly

It is true that natural stone countertops, including quartz counters, are more expensive than some types of counters, it is also the ultimate in a durable product. Natural stone on floors, counters, and even on walls is a lifetime investment, which means you will never need to replace your MN counters, no matter how long you own your home.

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