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2 Types of Field Equipment Used by Turf Maintenance Professionals

Do you remember seeing a field of evergreen turf while watching your favorite sports games? Have you ever visited a stadium and walked on that very same turf marveling at the professionalism in maintaining it? Have you ever stopped to think about the types of maintenance equipment the professionals use to maintain the turf? If you answered yes, then here are 2 types of field maintenance equipment used to maintain sports fields across the nation.


The evergreen turf you see at sports fields and commercial landscapes begin with the seeds. An AGRI-vator is a piece of equipment that offers a faster way for turf re-growth. This means when damages to the turf occur, this machine helps relieve compaction while aerating the soil. It is one of the most vital pieces of maintenance equipment used by professionals to ensure the turf remains healthy to promote growth.


Another important field maintenance equipment used by turf professionals is a Verti-cutter machine. This machine is the professional version of your standard home lawnmower. Instead of using one horizontal blade, this machine uses several vertical blades to increase maneuverability without damaging the turf. As you are aware, a standard home lawnmower can rip the turf when turning. This machine prevents damage to the turf because it uses a swing hitch. This machine also utilizes a belt drive for faster blades speeds, which offers improvements in the quality of cut.

The Takeaway

These are only to mention 2 important pieces of equipment used by the professionals to maintain sports fields and commercial landscapes throughout the nation. Both the AGRI-vator and Verti-cutter machines help turf grow and remain healthy throughout the seasons.

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