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2 Important Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago

If you’re injured due to someone else’s negligent actions, it is possible to handle your own claim. Theoretically, you’d call the at-fault individual’s insurer, agree on a settlement amount, and take the payout. Real life, however, isn’t as straightforward, and many injured people find it difficult to get a fair settlement without help. Here are a few reasons to work with a Chicago injury attorney.

Being on an Equal Footing With the Insurance Company

After years of handling personal injury claims, lawyers learn that, regardless of their intelligence, most people lack the knowledge and practical experience to self-advocate when up against an insurer. Like all other businesses, insurers are profit-driven, and they don’t always have your best interests in mind. Though not all companies are immoral and greedy, most will do what they can to minimize payouts. When you work with a personal injury lawyer, you level the playing field.

Working Through Insurers’ Stall Tactics

To reduce payouts, insurance companies often use defense, denial, and delay tactics. They may prolong negotiations until deadlines are passed or you simply give up, and in some cases, they deny liability outright. With entire legal teams on their side, they sometimes defend their tactics in court. This is one of the most important reasons to hire a Chicago injury attorney: to protect your interests and your rights from unfair practices.

Is it Worthwhile to Hire an Injury Attorney?

Most victims are afraid to approach attorneys because of the high perceived cost. However, this isn’t a concern in injury cases, as most lawyers work on a contingency basis. You’ll only be billed a portion of your successful settlement. The percentage is relatively standard, so attorneys’ rates are consistent. There’s little monetary risk in hiring an injury lawyer; in fact, your Chicago injury attorney will be more motivated to aggressively handle your claim. The Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello are here to help, and they invite you to call or visit them at website to schedule a consultation.

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