Roofing Solutions From Commercial Roofers in Oklahoma Aug07


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Roofing Solutions From Commercial Roofers in Oklahoma

Because of the sheer size of commercial buildings and their rooftops, the expense to put a new roof on can be cut down by putting a new roof on over the existing one instead of completely re-roofing the building. This might fit into the budget better than completely replacing the roof. Whether the roof is a pitched roof or a flat roof, Commercial Roofers in Oklahoma will be able to advise customers if their roof would be able to be safely done that way instead of a complete replacement.

Commercial Roofers in Oklahoma can repair an existing metal roof to prevent water leaks and make the roof last longer. Workers first need to remove rust, oil, dirt, and any coatings. They will brush, sandblast, or scrape off pieces of rust from the roof, then acid etch the roof, and then apply a primer over rust. They will apply caulking around any possible openings such as around screws and end caps. They cover the seams with a tough fabric to reinforce them. Finally, they apply a top coat and then a final coat.

The building’s roof can be a big source of heat loss and higher energy bills. If your building has a flat roof, Commercial Roofers in Oklahoma can apply a cost-efficient polyurethane coating to the roof that will increase your energy efficiency. Polyurethane foam creates long-lasting insulation. This layer of foam is energy efficient, with an R rating between 6.8 and 7.0. Because the foam layer is seamless, that also makes it waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about water leaks harming the structure, your electrical work, your expensive equipment or inventory, and you won’t lose production time due to a water emergency.

Commercial Roofers in Oklahoma will apply the foam by spraying it on, and it sticks to just about any roof surface. Once applied, this is not soft foam; it’s rigid enough to walk on. Despite its durability, it’s lightweight, so having the foam applied shouldn’t put the roof past its weight load capacity. A polyurethane roof application has a 10 to 18 year warranty on the materials and joints. Visit Preferred Roofing for more roofing solutions.


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